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4 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Internet Service for Your Business


In the age of ecommerce, a working, reliable, and efficient Internet connection is a critical factor of a successful business. The kind of Internet service provider you choose for your place of business can make or break your company. This is true even if most of your transactions are at your brick-and-mortar location.

Use the following questions as a guide to selecting a service provider and Internet package that suits your company well. From understanding your bandwidth and Internet speed options to knowing the exact plan of action in case of a service outage, these questions are designed to make you an informed consumer. Therefore, you should not choose your business Internet service provider lightly.

1. Are There Any Package Promos for Businesses?

Most major Internet service providers have an overview of their packages and pricing on their brochures and websites. However, if you want to get a service provider’s special promotions or insider deals, the best action is to ask directly during a phone call or meeting.

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Though an Internet company’s promotions should not be the main deciding factor in your search for a service provider, any break on typical pricing will offer you some leeway in your budget. Any company with decent promos can be shortlisted if all other qualities meet your business’s standards.

2. What Are Your Standard Contract Terms?

When running a multi-faceted business, you need as much leeway as possible, especially when it concerns your technology. No matter how outstanding the Internet service is, you may not want to enter into an airtight contract that does not allow any flexibility.

As you ask about contract terms and policies, remember to inquire about any monthly or annual fees you may be responsible for in addition to your standard Internet service package price. Those extra fees can make a world of difference in your budget. Consider that you may need to reevaluate your budget annually, which means your ideal contract terms last a year.

3. Are There Any Data Limits?

Running a business requires a robust Internet connection and data plan. You will have to access your web services, such as email, at any time of the day. Your employees will also need enough bandwidth to perform their online duties efficiently.

When you speak to an Internet service representative, ask about data limits. Are the data limits the same for streaming as they are for browsing? Will your service be throttled at any point when you reach a specific data limit? Will your service be throttled during peak service hours?Typically, Internet service providers have different rules for streaming than for doing less intensive work online, so knowing the exact data terms is paramount.

4. What Kind of Tech Support Is Available?

Technical hiccups are inevitable when you rely on complex technology such as the World Wide Web. You are bound to experience a service outage, whether due to a technical error or a natural event.
That said, planning your business around those service outages is essential. Therefore, it is wise to inquire how your Internet service provider can support you during those challenging times. Are trouble-shooters available to come to your place of business to work on your connection? Can they also assist with the initial network connection and setup?

It would help if you also asked how much you will have to pay for extra technical support. Your best bet is to find a service provider to factor those service and maintenance fees into your regular monthly or annual package price.

Choosing the right Internet service provider for your company is one of the most significant decisions you must make for your business. Factor in the above questions, and you can eliminate any providers who do not meet your criteria for reliable and efficient service.


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