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Famous landmarks to visit in Melbourne


When it comes to Melbourne, there are many things that one can do and experience. It is an excellent place for tourists and locals who want to explore the city independently. There are so many places you can visit and enjoy your time here. You will find different attractions like museums, historical sites, art galleries, parks, etc. Melbourne has been known as the ‘City of Sights’ because of its famous landmarks. If you have never been to this beautiful city, plan a trip now! Here we discuss some of the most famous landmarks to visit in Melbourne. These include:

1)Shrine of remembrance

The British built this shrine during the First World War to remember all those soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the war. The Shrine of Remembrance is located at Flinders Street Station. Sir John Sulman designed this building. The main entrance of the building is adorned with white marble statues. These statues include a soldier holding his rifle, a woman carrying her child, a nurse, and an injured man. The interior of the building is also decorated with white marble. The building also features stained glass windows depicting scenes from Australia’s history. It is a famous landmark everyone must see when they come to Melbourne.

2)National Gallery of Victoria

Your trip will not be complete without visiting the National Gallery of Victoria. This gallery is spread over five floors and holds more than 2 million pieces of artwork. It is open every day except Monday. The collection mainly consists of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and photographs. Some artists displayed in the gallery include Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, and many others. This gallery has been ranked among the best art galleries globally by the New York Times.

3)Royal Exhibition Building

The Royal Exhibition Building is another famous landmark in Melbourne. This majestic building was constructed in 1879. The French Renaissance style inspires its architecture. This building used to host various exhibitions, including conventions, concerts, balls, and trade fairs. After the presentation ended, the building would become a museum or library. Nowadays, this building houses several shops, restaurants, and cafes. Many people may find it difficult to find this building since it is located behind the State Library of Victoria. But if you take the opportunity to go inside, you will find a magnificent interior with murals depicting stories related to Australian history.

4)Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is located in the central business district of Melbourne. This market is considered one of the largest markets in the Southern Hemisphere. The construction of this market started in the year 1860. This market only had a few buildings, but today, the market is vast and contains around 130 stores. Queen Victoria Market is mainly called the produce market because almost 90% of the products sold are fresh fruits and vegetables. However, the market sells meat, bread, fish, flowers, clothing, and other groceries.

5)Princess Theater

The Princess Theater is a historic movie theater in Melbourne. This theater originally opened in 1912. For many years, the Princess Theater was a significant cinema. Today, the Princess Theater is a popular venue for movies shown in 3D. The exterior of the building is made up of red brick and stone. Inside, there are pillars, ornate plaster ceilings, and a balcony. The total number of seats in the auditorium is 1,134. As well as showing movies, the Princess Theater hosts live performances. There are also parties held here. Today, it attracts numerous visitors, so it is regarded as one of the most prominent landmarks in the city.

6)Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a sports stadium in Docklands on Port Phillip Bay. The Victorian Football League’s Carlton Football Club has called this ground home since its establishment in 1897. The first match played here was between Victoria and South Australia in March 1870. During the 1970s, the stadium’s capacity was increased from 35,000 to 100,000. Since then, the accommodation has decreased due to expansion work. The stadium hosted international cricket matches in 1992 and 1999. Other events held at the stadium include rugby union games, soccer matches, boxing bouts, and car races. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is regarded as an essential landmark in Melbourne.

7)St Kilda.

St Kilda is a beachside suburb of Melbourne situated 11 km north of the CBD. It is one of the most famous beaches in Australia. St Kilda Beach was formed after a storm surge broke through the narrow spit of land leading into Port Phillip in January 1861. ‘St Kilda’ comes from a parish of the same name in Scotland. By 1880, it became clear that St Kilda would not disappear when dunes closed the land connection to the mainland. On 21 October 1982, St Kilda Pier was demolished to make new residential developments.

8)Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is a botanical garden located in the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The gardens were established in 1840 and extended from 1863-1864. At present, the total area of the park is about 2 hectares. Most parts of the garden are devoted to displaying plants native to Australia. Some trees include Eucalyptus regnans, Acacia melanoxylon, Banksia integrifolia, and Lophostemon confertus. There are over 10,000 plant species shown here. Many people visit the Royal Botanic Gardens every day to enjoy its beauty.

9)Block Arcade

The Block Arcade is a heritage arcade in Melbourne’s central business district. It runs along Collins Street. The original section of the building was constructed in 1878. In 1928, another wing was added. The total floor space of the building is approximately 6500 square meters. The facade of the building is decorated with beautiful floral patterns. A large signboard is attached to the front of the building, which states that it is the world’s largest Arcade. The interior of the building features many shops and restaurants. The Block Arcade is considered one of the best-known landmarks in Melbourne.


Melbourne is a magnificent city known all around the globe for its great culture and history. This spectacular metropolis offers so much more than we have mentioned above – there are endless things to do and places worth visiting. If you decide to fly to Melbourne, You can always find good deals that will take you far from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


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