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Professional Video Editing at Your Fingertips With Invideo


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what niche you are in – whether you’re a digital marketer that wants to create an awesome whiteboard animation video aimed at your audience using 3D technology or a small business owner who has an entirely different field of expertise and needs to pull together some information footage for an upcoming event. Regardless of what it is, you don’t need any advanced video editing skills so long as you can connect to the Internet.

Using video editing software or apps, you can do that with your videos now. You may have to put some effort into it, but the right tools and patience can see you create something truly remarkable.

In the video is a professional online video tool that plays more like the cool cousin you wish you had than an algorithm. Its flexible nature makes it an excellent tool for personal and work-related endeavors. Working with InVideo doesn’t feel like you’re just using the device. There are a lot of differences between other online video editing tools and InVideo, but what sets it apart is how easy it is to use and customize your videos.

What’s more, being able to create immersive content doesn’t require you to be a professional editor or videographer; with helpful features like pre-made templates and a robust library filled with over 8 million stock video clips (and growing), even amateurs can get the same kind of high-quality output that professionals have enjoyed for years.

With In video Re-Shape Your Video Editing Workflow

InVideo Features

With today’s lightning-fast growing number of influencers, it seems logical that there should be a streamlined tool to help them create their professional videos without compromising quality – and we have brought this idea to life by designing the InVideo editor tool.

Video Editing

A cloud-based Editing Tool

InVideo is a cloud-based editing tool, so you won’t need to worry about the specifications of your device. InVideo provides a simplified user interface that is pleasant on the eyes without being too cluttered to make it extremely easy to get started immediately with or without much prior knowledge or experience.

Access with Ease 

Working with InVideo is a breeze and an absolute joy since it lets you access your work efficiently from any device. You can even continue working on it from the same website regardless of what operating system or web browser you prefer and continue working on your project, saving all files online. You can see exactly how far you’ve come on your selected desktop PC, Macbook, smartphone, or tablet! So no matter where you are, InVideo is always accessible.

5000+ Templates

With so many templates available for various companies or organizations, InVideo has what it takes to make your videos stand out. If you need help topping off an otherwise well-produced video with some additional clips, want logos designed, or want expert advice on making your educational videos pop, InVideo can give you everything you need and more!

8M+ Stock Assets

The library of stock assets on the site gives simple step-by-step instructions for how to do that quickly so that even a novice can produce stunning content without needing hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.

It offers you many opportunities to set your mark on your work and design it with your branding – tick the boxes that suit your brand or choose from hundreds of professionally-designed themes! The InVideo AI will also trim, crop, filter, and add effects to match; add images and videos to suit the topic. And with regular updates like new music, new fonts, new translations, and other fresh creative content to keep your video production sounding more natural, it’s easy for anyone to create an actionable video like a pro!

InVideo gives you a wide range of themes to choose from, and if you’d like more versatility than this, the app also provides natural-sounding voices that recite your words with emotion.

Text-To-Speech Convert

You are just one click away from professionally promoting and sharing your story with millions because InVideo has been designed with 50+ theme with context-matching images that support text-to-speech technology, so we can always provide natural-sounding voiceovers for any content – all with only one click away.

Support Through Live Chat

InVideo is a genuinely intuitive program for the end-user, and it has been designed in combination with a team of professional editors from early on. Video has been built to enable even the most amateur of editors to create professional videos with no prior editing experience needed! However, if you need any assistance while using Invideo, they offer 24/7 customer support so you can create high-quality content yourself soon enough.

Simple collaborations

InVideo enables you to manage your next video project across its various stages using our simple and efficient video platform that offers all the options a professional videographer might need. The best part is that if you work with collaborators on the same project, they will also have free access to make edits so you can present a final product that everyone has signed off on.

InVideo Pricing

You must have evaluated the tool and decided whether it meets your editing requirements. At this point, you must determine whether InVideo is within your budget. Users and brands have varied financial limits, and InVideo offers numerous approaches to cater to each group’s needs.

Free Plan

The basic free Plan is excellent for those just starting with video production. This package includes over 4500 video templates and a basic media library.

Business Plan: $15/month

You receive everything in the free Plan, including the option to extract the InVideo watermark, 60 monthly video exports, ten monthly Stock image downloads, and 10GB of cloud storage.

Unlimited Plan: $30/month

The Unlimited subscription includes everything in the free Plan, unlimited video exporting, 120 iStock images each month, 100GB of Cloud Storage, and Film Pro access.


Invideo is a professional online video editing tool. With it, you can record your screen and add music, text, voice, and more to create stunning animated videos. It is powerful, easy to use, and affordable to everyone! The future is present, and Invideo is improving it by providing helpful video editing tools.


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