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The State Journal Frankfort- A History of Kentucky Newspapers


The State Journal Frankfort. Newspapers were the original media of record in America. In the mid-1800s, they became the primary news source for the masses. But what happened to them? When you think of Kentucky newspapers, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of the Courier-Journal in Louisville, or maybe you think of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

But what about the Frankfort Daily Union? Did you know that the Frankfort Daily Union was once the second-largest newspaper in the United States?

If not, tou might be surprised to learn that the Frankfort Daily Union was founded in 1838 and continued until the paper went bankrupt in 1918. After that, the report was reestablished under new ownership in 1919. The newspaper continues to this day, publishing daily in Frankfort, and covers local news, sports, business, education, arts, and politics.

It was founded in 1831 by William Preston Johnston and was published in Frankfort until 1880.

This is the only surviving publication that covers the entire state of Kentucky from its inception.

In this blog post, we will examine the history of newspapers and what happened to them.

The story of the Frankfort Daily Union is truly amazing. So, in this post, we will explore the history of the paper, its founders, and its future.

Journal Frankfort

The Kentucky State Journal

The Kentucky Post is the state’s largest newspaper, operating its websites and publishing six weekly print editions. They also have a digital platform.

The company recently announced that it made $10 million 2018 from Google Adsense alone.

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A History of Kentucky Newspapers – The State Journal Frankfort

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The Kentucky Post

The great thing about writing content for a publication like The Kentucky Post is that the editors are usually open to feedback. This means you can ask them questions and get their opinion on your writing. They can also offer you guidance on how to improve it.

That’s why I highly recommend writing for them, especially if you want to learn how to write.

As a Kentuckian, I was excited to see a local newspaper named after our state capital. But what I found instead was a website full of news, opinion, and commentary.

It’s worth reading for its own sake and checking out as an affiliate marketing platform. As a Kentuckian, I know firsthand how important local media outlets are to the state.

Journal Frankfort

The Courier-Journal

Frankfort, KY, is the state capital of Kentucky and home to the University of Kentucky. In the 1840s, the city became the capital of the new state of Kentucky. Frankfort is also known as “The Little Athens of the West” and the “Athens of the Bluegrass.”

Frankfort was once the site of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s capital and Boone County’s seat, named after Daniel Boone. During the American Civil War, Frankfort was occupied by Confederate troops.

As of the 2010 Census, the population of the city was 40,841. It is the principal city of the Frankfort-Colonial Heights metropolitan area.

The city has a history of education. It is home to the University of Kentucky, the oldest University in the United States.

The Courier-Journal is a weekly newspaper published in Kentucky. It was first posted on September 19, 1857.

The Lexington Herald-Leader

The State Journal is one of the most reputable newspapers in the United States. It’s a great place to start if you want to write for a respected publication witha history of quality journalism.

To begin, you’ll need to apply for a job online. They have a pretty specific process you must follow to get accepted. After you’re hired, you can look into classes that will help you improve your writing skills.

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In the late 19th century, the University of Kentucky was founded by Andrew J. Guelzo, who later became the university’s first president.

In 1896, Guelzo purchased land and constructed buildings for the University. He also donated money to establish the University.

TGannett owns the Courier-Journal, and its headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Courier-Journal has a total of 15 employees.

Journal Frankfort

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why did you want to study journalism?

A: I was interested in working with words and putting them together to form stories. I also enjoyed reading the newspaper as a kid.

Q: What do you like about working at The State Journal?

A: The people are great, and they keep things fresh. We have some fun at work!

Q: What is your favorite story from The State Journal?

A: My favorite story is “When They Are Gone,” which looks into the history of the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. It’s about the battle and how it affected the life of a family in Kentucky.

Q: Who was the first publisher of The State Journal?

A: The first publisher of The State Journal was Benjamin F. Ewing, w newspaper editor in Frankfort.

Q: When did the paper begin publication?

A: The paper began publishing on May 30, 1833. The first issue was posted on May 30, 1833.

Q: Why did you choose to major in journalism?

A: I decided on this major after taking a class called “Introduction to Journalism,” where I learned I wanted to write about the state of Kentucky.

Q: Where was the paper printed?

A: The paper was printed in Frankfort, so the article title is The State Journal.

Q: How many issues were published per year?

A: From the paper’s first issue, in 1833, The State Journal published an average of 16 points yearly.

Myths About Frankfort 

1. The State Journal Frankfort is not located at 1st and Main St.

2. The State Journal Frankfort does not pay any taxes to the City of Frankfort.

3. The State Journal Frankfort has a “free” newspaper, which is not free


As far back as t792, the first newspaper printed in Frankfort was The Frankfort Gazette. This paper would continue until 1820. During that time, many newspapers were published in the city.

The State Journal began printing in Frankfort in 1886 but did not last long. A new daily, The Frankfort Daily News, would soon follow. Both papers would last until the 1920s when the city saw the rise of another newspaper, The Frankfort Free Press.

This paper would last until 1950, when the Associated Press would buy it. In 1960, The Associated Press moved the form to Louisville. The Free Press would survive for a few more years before it, too, was closed.

The Associated Press would eventually be bought by the New York Times Company, which owned the Courier-Journal. The Courier-Journal would subsequently become the largest paper in the state and the oldest newspaper still in operation today.


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