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Why Should You Buy Dual Sim Phones?


Nowadays, many people use dual SIM phones. It has become a familiar and popular feature with a maximum number of smartphone users. People prefer keeping their personal and professional contacts separate; these phones are perfect. You can also use your SIM-only data plan with your dual SIM phone.

Dual SIMs come with many benefits, making them a must-have item. However, to use dual SIM phones, you need to know what dual SIM means and how a double SIM phone works. Explained below in detail is how it works.


What is a dual SIM phone?

Dual SIM phones are becoming popular; the main reason is that you no longer need to carry multiple phones. Dual-SIM phones allow two different SIMs on a single device to insert and service.

This is preferable to devices with only one slot for SIM cards. However, you will have an unlocked device to take advantage of this feature known as dual SIM.

Most dual SIM devices or phones have the active functionality of dual SIM. A dual SIM device can easily support two SIMs simultaneously without changing or removing SIMs. Thus, you can quickly receive texts and calls from both lines.

Also, you can adjust which SIM you want to use for your data and voice call card. Some dual SIM phones also support the facility’s holding a single conversation on two lines and with two callers.

Why should you buy dual SIM phones?

Many advantages of dual SIM phones can quickly pursue you to choose a dual SIM phone. Some of those advantages are:

1. It can be carried easily

You need one smartphone while enjoying the service of two different SIM cards. This also works with your SIM-only data plan.

2. Enjoy a widened network

The services of two telecom networks offer you “no coverage gaps” and a hassle-free traveling experience in remote areas. You can also enjoy the flexibility of two other plans.

3. No need to experience blockage

The dual SIM smartphone, not being locked to a specific telecom network, is different from single SIM phones, and this means that you don’t have to switch your SIM when traveling to other places or countries.

They are easy to sign up with any other network without extra charges. Some providers of telecom services offer discounts on roaming charges.

4. Enjoy multiple services

Sometimes call charges, or data plans vary with different telecom service providers. The overall effect of those charges may have a crucial impact on your mobile expenses. In addition, you can easily use additional services per your needs and preferences.

5. Enjoy a specified work-n-play bill

You can easily use two SIMs, mark one as your “work” SIM, and use another for your “personal” uses. Thus, you can easily plan your budget and expenses regarding mobile phone bills. You can also use your SIM-only data plan in your dual SIM smartphone.

6. You can overcome the disadvantages of not having a network connection

It is seen that the coverage of mobile networks becomes unstable and cannot offer you service without any prior intimation. However, if you use dual SIM phones, you can easily switch to the second SIM when your first SIM cannot work correctly for some time.

Therefore, a dual SIM phone allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted, cost-effective mobile service with a SIM-only data plan.


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