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Important Things That You Need to Think About When Hiring a Skip


When you are in a position where you are clearing out a lot of rubbish from your property or business and, as such, need to get a waste removal company to help, there are likely going to be a lot of questions floating around your head. One of the most common reasons people hire a waste removal company is to use a skip, which is a very effective way to put all your waste into one place and dispose of it with little to no hassle. If you are looking at hiring a skip, there are a few different things you should consider before doing so, including the following.

Questions You Need to Ask before Hiring a Skip for a Project of Any Size | Green Journal

What Size Do You Need?

When you head to websites, such as 7skipbins.com.au, you will be met with a range of skip sizes. The size you end up going for will vary depending on the kind of work you’re doing. A list of work you may be doing is below, with the smallest skip size required at the top and the biggest at the bottom: As a rule, it’s always a good idea to overestimate the extent you need rather than underestimate it.

  • Home Projects
  • Home extensions
  • Projects in the garden
  • Complete clearance of the house/commercial use
  • Waste from your driveway
  • Building projects
  • The excess from demolitions/builder’s waste

Considering the above, you will need a smaller skip size when you are working on simple home improvement projects, and then, if there are going to be builders or demolition is taking place, you’ll need one of the biggest skip sizes.

Where Will the Skip Go?

Skip placement is very important as it is supposed to make clearing places more convenient, so you want it in an easy-to-access spot, but you also don’t want it in the way. Be sure to look around and choose a good place because as soon as the skip has been dropped off and left, you can’t move it. Ideally, you will want a position where it will be best for them to picnicking it and drop it off. You should also ensure you’re putting it on hard and flat land.

What Can You Put In?

Finally, you will want to enquire about what you can put in. You cannot dispose of many items in skips, including toxic waste, fridges, cookers, TVs, asbestos, paint, solvents, and batteries. When you put junk into your trash, you should mai rid of bricks, rubble, wood, metal, packaging, plastic, cardboard, and furniture. All these items are usually okay to be placed in the skip, but it is worth speaking to the waste management company about this to be sure.


When you are having a big clear-out, regardless of whether this is in your home or if it is in your place of work, hiring a skip can make the whole process a lot more straightforward. This is because when you hire a skip, you create a designated area where you can put all your waste and then get rid of it simply, with the help of a waste management company. If you want to hire a skip, consider the above to ensure you’re getting the right one.


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