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Why a Titled Lot is Important When Buying Property


When purchasing property, you have plenty of decisions, from the location and size of the property to the home itself. Another factor to consider when buying property is whether or not you’re buying it with a titled lot. Many people don’t realize what benefits these can bring, but they can save you money in legal fees or other costs if they’re not part of your purchase price.


Provides Security and Protects Owner’s Rights

When purchasing property, having a title on your land is crucial. It provides security and protects you from others claiming ownership or stealing your land. A titled lot will include records of the deed and typically consists of a copy of the map that identifies exactly where your property boundaries are. The map can also help you make changes if you need to later. Additionally, owning a titled lot could protect you if an emergency like flooding or fire causes damage to the home. In this case, having a titled lot would allow insurance reimbursement because your investment would be clear.

Suppose there’s ever any confusion about where the boundary lines for your property lie. Then, you can refer back to this map for clarification. When it comes time to sell your property, having a good record of who owns what makes it easier for buyers who want assurances they’re getting what they pay for. You can find titled lots from 350m2-486m2 in Wallan at an affordable rate that would suit various needs.

Easy to Use and Transfer Ownership

The title of a specific piece of land is essential in many ways. A titled lot is vital for your homeownership because it gives you legal ownership of the property, not just an investment. Having a titled lot makes it easy to transfer the property when necessary and ensures that nobody else can build on it without your consent. From taxes and mortgages to make sure no one builds on it without permission- owning a titled lot means security and peace of mind.


The documents help create a sense of trust among buyers, sellers, lenders, and insurers. Suppose there is confusion about who has the right to sell the property. Then, there is always the issue of who pays what bills, such as taxes or utilities. A home with a titled lot will be more valuable than one with only an untitled deed.

Property Owners Can Use Them as a Collateral

Titled lots are essential for various reasons; one of the most common is that one can use them as collateral. A business owner may have to secure funding for a project but wants to avoid going into debt. That’s where the option of borrowing against your property comes in handy. Instead of taking out a loan or cashing in on stocks and bonds, you take out an equity loan against your property.

That way, you can free money for other projects without selling any assets. However, it does come at a cost: high-interest rates. The rate will depend on how much money you borrow and how risky the lender deems your investment. The benefits of having a titled lot also extend to insurance companies who may want to lower rates for homeowners because they know that their assets will be protected if there are any unfortunate accidents.

Provides Legal Proof of Ownership

Land titles provide legal proof of ownership, which can be helpful for mortgage loans, loan applications, and other purposes. If someone else tries to claim that you have no right to the property, it will be easy to prove otherwise with a land title.

A title also ensures that there are no disputes over ownership. It also protects against encroachment on your property. If you buy a piece of land and then decide to sell it, you must transfer the title to someone else. The new owner can use this document as proof of ownership.

Higher Value in the Market

If you have a titled lot, it will often increase its value by several hundred dollars over what it would have been if it was untitled or “unsold.” That is because buyers know that there is a title behind their purchase, which gives them more confidence in purchasing the property than if they had just purchased an untitled lot without anything behind it but their word.

Titled properties also tend to hold their value better than other real estate types, making them more attractive to potential buyers. Noble properties often have higher values than different types of land due to their legal status, uniqueness, and location on a desirable piece of land (such as an oceanfront lot).


Land purchase is a significant investment, and it’s worth taking the necessary measures to make an informed decision. When you have a titled lot of property, you can know that the property is yours- no one else has any claim. Titled lots provide proof of title, which is vital for lenders, lawyers, and government agencies. A land title, such as mortgage or loan application, is also essential for conveyancing. The lender will require a clean title as part of their due diligence process before approving a loan application. However, it’s always crucial to identify a reliable real estate company when buying land.


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